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Multi-objective Optimisation

Every engineering and production process has competing requirements; Cost vs. Quality, Reliability vs. Speed, Innovation vs. Assurance. 

With Formflow it is possible to specify exactly the requirements you are looking for on local regions of engineering parts, while optimising for specific business needs like cost and sustainability.

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Multi-physics Simulation

Our proprietary algorithms optimise multi-functional parts (i.e. thermal, frequency) by integrating multiple physics within a coupled optimisation loop. This allows allocation of material properties that address the specific local needs of a part. 

Close the data loop by integrating test and quality assurance with data models to iterate and improve through product development lifecycles.

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Additive-Aware by nature

The properties of 3D printed materials vary widely from the bulk properties stated on their data sheets. Based on user input our solvers can easily adapt for this variability.

Get a better understanding of the actual performance of your parts using Formflow’s Additive-Aware capabilities – taking into account build orientation, and full anisotropy in our optimisations.

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Take the guess work out of designing

Allocate your lattice properties.

Our solvers optimise the allocation of pre-defined your lattice properties at a discrete and graded manner – in fixed geometries and simultaneously with topology.

  • Compatible with any unit cell type and size and count.
  • Input the anisotropic material properties of your desired lattices
  • Easy export into PNG or VTK

Allocate build parameters properties

Optimise your component by varying processing parameters.

  • Direct integrations with Cura
  • Ensure data consistency between optimisation and manufacture
  • Export modifier meshes into your favorite build processor software

Allocate materials.

Allocate with materials of different chemical composition.

  • Understand the effect of different material combination on performance.
  • Enforce a specific material in areas of your model.
  • Optimise for non-AM processes.
Key industries

Key industries.



From light weighting to vibration, mechanical or thermal our advanced solvers will be able to tackle the challenges of the dynamic environment facing the automotive industry within the transition to hybrid, electrification and Hydrogen.

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The challenges of certified parts are made potentially easier with FormFlow’s custom workflow development and ability to consider much more constraint data to maintain material properties and achieve repeatable workflows.

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Patient customisation is made possible by optimising patient data within the constraints of an existing certified medical device; or explore our custom workflow development to maximise ease to certification.

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Seeking higher performance from your AM optimisation workflow? AdditiveFlow’s intuitive platform can increase build on your workflow development to generate results not previously not possible using standard tools.

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Packed with unique features

Whether you’re a seasoned engineer, or just getting started, FormFlow Software unlocks the power of optimisation.

Additive-Aware simulation

We wrote the solvers from scratch to account for the complex properties of 3D printing.

Unprecedented flexibility

Define your optimisation strategy with unbounded flexibility using our Visual Graph Editor.

Multi-physics optimisation

Combine Mechanical, Thermal & Frequency to place the right material in the right place.

Frequent updates

Our standard release cycle is every 2 weeks wit exciting new features & updates.

Excellent documentation

Quickly get up to speed with accurate documentation and ready to run examples.

Click n’ 3D Print

Export directly to your favorite slicer software and press “Print”, with all the pre-loaded settings.

*Offer expires on 01/01/2021

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Get early access to

Direct export to Cura and 3MF

$ 0 year / seat


(non-funded research)

  • Multi-Objective
  • Basic material DB
  • Multi-Physics
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(Individuals & SME’s. Price reserved for first 500 sign ups)

  • Multi-Objective
  • Support
  • Multi-Physics
  • Basic material DB


(& funded research)

  • Multi-Objective
  • Custom Module
  • Multi-Physics
  • Custom material DB
  • Support
  • Application Consultancy

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