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Enabling functional freedom.

We’re unlocking the potential of  multi-material additive manufacturing through smart software solutions.

What we do?

Additive Flow’s is developing a function-based optimisation workflow for advanced manufacturing.


The search space for new materials is large and complex, with our system new polymers and composites can be very efficiently explored, tested and produced with minimal human intervention.


3D printing materials are expensive and in most cases sub-optimal for the desired function. Our technology can reduce the cost of functional prototypes and improve performance through the use of targeted materials.


Are you ready for maximum impact? The Additive Flow manufacturing suite can integrate within an industrial framework, unlocking new product possibilities for advanced applications.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printed parts behave differently to traditionally manufactured products. Our approach can present recommendations that take state-of-the art capabilities to their limit, based on how 3D Printed parts are expected to behave. This provides confidence to explore new design options, and communicate these internally and with clients.

Material Freedom

Multi-material printing and gradients offers exciting product potential but significantly increases the complexity of decision making within design. Additive Flow’s tools specialise in guiding these choices so product teams can focus on realising their design objectives.

Machine Intelligence

We can work with custom and commercial machine capabilities and their material implications, and as technologies and materials further expand design potential, designer’s are presented with evolving recommendations.



Import your design from any CAD/CAE software package into our desktop application.



Set the rules that define your functional goal, from forces through to conductance.



Based on your rules we run the relevant physics simulations to explore the solution space.



View all the solution interactively, understand the tradeoff and export your manufacturing files.

The benefits

Cloud-enabled function-based design optimisation

Increased Efficiency

Additive Flow’s tools can accelerate improvements by recommending designs based on objectives.  Design possibilities are generated and users can feedback their preferences for accelerated creative exploration, while visualised metrics of options speed up communication and decision-making between teams.  

Reduced Cost

Light-weighting and new materials can be explored with additive manufacturing for end-use or prototyping prior to mass-manufacture.  Additive Flow’s software can include additional design objectives to meet business objectives, including cost.

Performance & Sustainability

With new materials and production methods, it is possible to select sustainable materials and methods while maintaining or increasing product performance. Including sustainability metrics within performance targets from product inception is a powerful tool to improve product impact in the market and the planet.

Interested in boosting your R&D workflow?

We’re actively looking for partners, collaborators and innovators. Join us to revolutionise how products are conceived.

Our Board

Catherine Brown


Board Member UK Govt Cabinet. Previously Group Strategy Director at Lloyds, Director of HR at Bank of England, COO at Apax Partners.
Anthony Headlam

Non-Executive Director

Advising E.ON, Previously CTO of Jaguar Land Rover, multiple Director roles at Vodafone.


Alexander Pluke
Alexander Pluke


Driven by the innovation and sustainability potential of AM he invented the technology, built the first prototype and raised finance. 1st Class PPE from Durham.
Charles Fried - Technical lead
Charles Fried

Technical Lead

Codes generative and machine learning algorithms from scratch. Has been building 3D Printers for 10 years. MSc Computational Architecture from UCL.
Iain Duncan
Iain Duncan

Chief Engineer

Has been successfully leading new developments in Robotics and Autonomous Systems in manufacturing and process control, worldwide, for many years.


James Lee

Mechanical Lead

Chartered Mechanical Engineer with a background innovating integrated characterisation equipment.
Angelos Chronis PhD
Angelos Chronis PhD

Computational Designer

A leader in simulation & optimisation. Pioneered computational algorithms for 5 years at the Applied R&D group of Foster + Partners.
Ishay Rosenthal

Product Manager

Multidisciplinary software developer, creative technologist and maker. Background in Architecture, Computational design, and Mechanics. MSc. Architectural Computation, UCL.
Syaz Hanif

Digital Manufacturing

Experienced digital manufacturing and designer with some elbow grease. BSc Economics, MArch Design for Manufacture.

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