About Us

Additive Flow was established in 2017 to develop and provide advanced digital solutions for the additive manufacturing workflow.


The mission of Additive Flow is to intelligently progress the capabilities of design and optimisation for additive manufacturing and beyond.

Additive Flow’s multi functional software provides the key to unlocking the multi material, multi parameter process capabilities of AM, which, to date, the capabilities of design and/or optimisation software has not been able to match. In so doing, Additive Flow’s technologies empower users to take additive manufacturing further than it has ever gone before for applications across many industrial sectors.

The company was co-founded by Alexander Pluke (CEO) and Charles Fried (CTO) who are leading an exceptional and growing team that work at the intersection of architectural computation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and material science.


Additive Flow has at its heart sustainability in modern day product development and manufacturing environments. The company was founded on the principle of disrupting Additive Manufacturing for an improved world by focusing on reducing manufacturing impact on the environment; enabling sustainable designs and sustainable use of materials; drive improved recycling, life cycle analysis; all while supporting safer workplaces.

We also keep our focus on the demands of our customers, and we promote and maintain a pragmatic and open approach in all our dealings with our clients. We believe that we can be valuable partners for our clients in their AM application development and production endeavours. As such, we are bringing modular and scalable multi functional digital solutions to the market that can be customised to your specific applications, and we collaborate with you to ensure optimal outcomes

Our Team

Scientists, Engineers and Innovators.


Alexander Pluke

CEO, Co-Founder


Charles Fried

CTO, Co-Founder


Nicholas Parry

Commercial Director


James Lee

Application Engineer

Our board & advisors


Catherine Brown



Anthony Headlam

Non-Executive Director


Professor Kim H Alicia

Lead Technical Advisor