1 month ago

Mechanical & Thermal Cantilever Beam

In this video walkthrough, we demonstrate the power of FormFlow to optimise a cantilever which is subject to both mechanical and thermal loads. We methodically go through the process of setting up our optimisation strategy to understand how the individual physics affect the geometry before combining them both into a single optimisation.

1 month ago

Optimization of a Water-Cooler using FormFlow

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a class of manufacturing methods that has unique capabilities allowing users to vary material properties throughout the component. This can be done by changing the constituent material or its finer structure using lattices or various processing parameter inside the slicing software. FormFlow is the latest addition to optimise your components using this...

2 months ago

Additive Flow Launches Formflow

Additive Flow Launches Formflow LONDON, UK: Additive Flow releases Formflow – Multi Property Optimisation now here. Additive Flow’s product launch of Formflow is well received, opens new frontiers for users to deliver 50%+ cost savings, exceed sustainability goals, and meet the demands of innovators and manufacturers. Additive Flow; a leading developer of advanced optimisation software,...

8 months ago

Multi Property Optimisation for Injection Moulding to Maintain Safety and Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Comeragh Composites is a specialist technical consultancy based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with dedicated expertise in delivering advanced solutions for polymer and composite manufacturing projects. The company’s collaboration with Additive Flow for a particularly challenging project involving a metal and polymer over moulded component, ensured yet another successful outcome for Comeragh that will open up...

9 months ago

Orthotropy, or not to be?

By Alexander Pluke, CEO Additive Flow That is the question. The pertinent question for users of additive manufacturing, at least.  So you’ve printed a part and it’s failed. FAILED!  Why?  How could this be?  You’ve meticulously gone through all the steps you should. Drawn up your CAD model, loaded up the design domain, ran it...

11 months ago

Accelerating AM Innovation with Innovative Digital Technologies

Additive Flow formally introduces its multi-functional optimisation software with simultaneous, multi-property capabilities.   26thFebruary 2020; London, UK: Many new companies evolve during their infancy in stealth mode, emerging into the light when their product and/or service offering is demonstrably strong enough to impact its target market and withstand close scrutiny from potential customers and, of course, any...

11 months ago

Case Study: Civil Engineering

Overview Additive Flow makes it simple to harness the potential of additive manufacturing – as exemplified by this collaborative project with Royal HaskoningDHV and DSM —  by optimising the design and production workflow; in this case for high value, large scale additive manufacturing. Project Additive Flow worked with Royal HaskoningDHV and DSM to deliver a...

11 months ago

Additive Flow CEO Presents at Werkstoff Plus+ Auto

Each year the Institute of New Vehicle Concepts, of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) hosts WerkstoffPlus + Auto (Materials + Auto) Additive Flow had the pleasure of speaking at WerkstoffPlus + Auto last week, on a stage graced by leaders of the German automobile industry and research institutes. Alexander Pluke, Additive Flow’s CEO presented our compelling technology,...

1 year ago

Additive Flow Finalist of Machine Intelligence Garage

Additive Flow was proudly selected for the Machine Intelligence Garage which is an initiative by Digital Catapult. As part of this program we received their expert advice around scalable implementation of machine learning within our technology. We were also granted access to one of UK’s most powerful supercomputers located in at the University of Edinburgh (EPCC). See below...