We create software for Advanced Additive Manufacturing.

To empower engineers to unlock next-level performance in 3D printing.


Our software lies at the intersection of material science, machine learning and computational geometry.


We handle the complexity that's intrinsic to 3D printing.


Modern CAD packages pre-date 3D printing, this means they've become great at designing shapes but they don't allow engineers to either design complex geometries or to allocate different material inside volumes.


With a cumulative of 30+ years of engineering experience we're solving this problem by creating advanced software tools to maximise the potential of 3D printing. Our approach is unique in the way we combine material science, machine learning and computational geometry.

Advanced capabilities

Supercharge your design into the 21st century.

We enable functional gradients, through material and geometrical optimisation.

Whether you're working with metals, composites or polymer, our tools can help maximise performance whilst ensuring manufacturability.

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Our offerings

We empower engineers and designers

Additive Manufacturing will be a key contributor towards a sustainable world, our software is accelerating that.

About us

Working towards a sustainable future

We see a future where engineers are free from constraints with access to tools that handle the complexity and enhances their intelligence. Ultimately, allowing them to focus on the objectives that really matters.

70% of engineers cited lack of knowledge for not using Additive Manufacturing, our conviction is that we need smarter tools to better understand risk and harness the full potential of this technology.

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Our collaborators

Helping them drive innovation

  • Naveed Parvez
    Additive Flow’s breakthrough technology has massive potential to help us deliver on our vision to enable every human to move as they wish - saving us development costs and time, while suggesting practical designs at the limit of what is possible.    
    Naveed Parvez
    CEO of Andiamo
  • Stavros Tsitsopoulos
    HSSMI is leading new ways to produce auto components faster and more sustainably with the help of Additive Flow's technology and expertise. The future of AM lies with the development of new materials and processes.  
    Stavros Tsitsopoulos
    Technical Lead | Additive Manufacturing: HSSMI
  • Dr. Felix Wunner
    The Center and Additive Flow are excited to be working together with a common vision, to realize the potential of ‘digital reinvention’ of products and services, through leveraging Additive Manufacturing capabilities.
    Dr. Felix Wunner
    Digital Business Integration Consultant, Digital, Industry X.0, Accenture IIoT Innovation Center

Our awards

We're honored to have been selected.

Our Multidisciplinary team

Scientists, Technologist, Engineers and Innovators.


CEO, Co-Founder

1st Class PPE from Durham.

Invented AM innovation and applied software opportunity.


CTO, Co-Founder

MSc. Computational Architecture, UCL

Industrial and computational designer with 13+ years experience in Digital Manufacturing.


Head of Product

MSc. Architectural Computation, UCL

Multidisciplinary developer with Background in Architecture, Computational design, and Mechanics.


We're here to help.

Are you looking to improve product performance?
Geometrical optimisation is a widely adopted process, however our software includes material(s) as an extra design variable. This drastically increases the search space and creates significant performance gains.
Do you wish you could further light-weight your components?
Whether through the the use of a custom material or our topology optimisation algorithm, reducing component mass without compromising on performance is core to our systems.
Did you know you could design with multiple-materials?
One of the main drivers for the adoption of Additive Manufacturing is the ability to reduce the number of components in an assembly. By considering multiple materials in the same component we're able to further augment this capability.
Do you wish you could automate the validation process?
In most widely available tools, configuring and running simulations can be a tedious process requiring skilled experts. We've condensed this process into user-friendly UI and automated the validation of different materials in parallel. This means we've cut the time spent on validation by 90%.
Can I use my own material database?
Our software was built from the ground up with this modularity, customers can directly import their database as a CSV file.
What simulation types do you have available?
We're rapidly expanding our capabilities and we currently support linear elasticity, heat conduction, modal analysis and fatigue analysis.
What input files do you support?
We currently support STP, STL 3MF, and MSH. Get in touch if you have other requirements.
What exports do you support?

Formflow exports 3MF, STL, PNG and full report containing all the data of your simulation.

Fireflow exports all files supported by Rhino and Gcode directly from our plugin.