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Windows Application

Formflow is a desktop solution that suggests the right topology and material(s) based on design requirements.

It's achieved through an objective-driven process where the user can define functional requirements for different parts of model.

Key features:

  • Windows standalone application
  • User friendly interface
  • Multi-material Topology Optimisation
  • Direct print file export
  • Supported Simulation:
    • Linear Elasticity
    • Heat Conduction
  • Supported Analyses:
    • Modal
    • Fatigue

Software workflow:

Rhino & Grasshopper Plugin

Fireflow enables exploration of discrete and gradient functional material allocations, with the ability to leverage a wide range of simulations and optimisation processes available in Grasshopper.

Users can allocate custom materials, or blends to the paths informed either by manual selection or advanced simulations. Given the flexibility afforded by Grasshopper, Fireflow is a powerful choice for non-standard applications.

Composite 3D Printer

Fuseflow can combine and mix polymers in real-time during the printing process. It's both an experimental 3D printer and materials testing machine, currently up to 6 polymers and/or additives can be used simultaneously.

Machine code for this can be exported directly from Fireflow and used to run the machine.

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